Automated Measure Collection, Aggregation & Reporting

The Product

Varesta's focus is to make measure collection & management as easy as possible for you, from measure input to scheduled reminders to aggregate reports. You and any sub-agencies can input measures online or offline in the field, client profiles are automatically created as measures are collected, reports are easily customized and securely distributed to end users.
Unlimited Forms

You can define an unlimited number of forms, each of which can consist of an unlimited number of questions (scales, sliders, free-form, etc.), languages, etc.

Client / Measure Tracking

Measures can be set with a calendar of reminders and measures are automatically associated with client profiles for aggregate reporting.

Collect Data From Anywhere

Collect measures offline on a phone or tablet. Create sub-accounts to collect data across multiple organizations.


Custom reports using Microsoft Excel templates can be easily created per client or in aggregate and can include multiple measures across time for a client. All data can be exported securely to CSV, XLS or MDB.

Key Features & Functionality

Here are some of the key features of Varesta.
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Easy To Create

Each measure can be integrated with easily designed Microsoft Excel reports for complete customization.


You can design your own forms which are all optimized for entry on phones, tablets and desktops. Forms can be in multiple languages.


Varesta has an offline mode for data collection on a tablet or phone while in the field. Data is synchronized automatically the next time you're connected to the Internet.


Client profiles are automatically created as measures are submitted. Multiple measures can be automatically assigned to a client to allow reports that use data across the timeline of a study.

Calendaring &

Each measure can have multiple deadlines associated with it to automatically create a submission schedule with a calendar view and email reminders.

HIPAA Compliant

All data is encrypted both to and from our servers as well as on our servers themselves.

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We offer different tiers of service and can tailor Varesta to meet your specific needs and budget.
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Single Use
  • Unlimited Forms & Submissions
  • 1 Organization
  • Up to 5 Customized Reports
  • Secure Platform
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Email-based Customer Support
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  • Unlimited Forms & Submissions
  • 1 Organization
  • Up to 10 Customized Reports
  • Secure Platform
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Phone-based Customer Support
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  • Unlimited Forms & Submissions
  • Up to 25 Sub-Organizations
  • Up to 25 Customized Reports
  • Secure Platform
  • Fast & Reliable
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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About Varesta

Varesta was created by a group of professionals that have struggled in the past with data collection in their programs. We founded Varesta to create a flexible, extensible and secure solution to easily collect measures and to use that data easily and effectively.

We also designed Varesta to require no hosting, servers or involvement from any local IT resources. Many of our users work in a university or government environment where getting assistance can be challenging. Since Varesta uses both online and offline forms and is hosted securely on our servers, our users can work directly with us from anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to allow our users to collect data more efficiently, effectively and quickly than any other available method while retaining superior flexibility in data review, exporting and reporting. We're continuously adding functionality and features to reach that goal. We want our users to focus on what the data tells them, not collecting and managing the data.


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